About Us

The JKA American Federation was founded in 2008 by the world renowned JKA Master, Takayuki Mikami. It is an affiliated member of the JKA World Federation in Tokyo, Japan, which, along with the JKA, is the only independent karate entity legally and officially recognized by the Japanese government as an association of members (Shadan Hojin) for the promotion of karate. Master Mikami founded the organization to provide the highest level of JKA Karate training and direct contact with the JKA, while maintaining the organizational structure that best serves the organization’s members. Because of this, the JKA/AF is directly organized as a member of the JKA World Federation and is not dependent upon or subordinate to any other group, organization or entity. Master Mikami, who was recently elected Senior Technical Advisor to the JKA, has dedicated his life to the preservation and promotion of authentic Karate-Do. He has set the goals of the JKA/AF the conveyance of the highest standards of technique, the development of the character of our participants, and the fostering of the martial spirit that permeates the JKA.Every member of the JKA American Federation will try the best to pursue the realization and the preservation of this philosophy.

Since inception, the JKA American Federation has operated as a Non Profit Organization. The organization is proud to announce that on July 1, 2008, the Internal Revenue Service granted 501(c)(3) status to the JKA American Federation. The Internal Revenue Service further classified the JKA American Federation as a Public Charity. This status enables the organization to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts. The Chairman, Master Takayuki Mikami and the executive Board of Directors are hopeful that this status will aid the organization in meeting and maintaining the organizations goals.

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