The founder , Chief Instructor and the Chairman of JKA American Federation, Takayuki Mikami, is Japanese native who is 9th Dan (degree ) black belt JKA Master. He is the highest JKA ranked master in the United States, and he holds the position of JKA Senior Technical Advisor, which is the second highest technical position after JKA World Federation Chief Instructor. He is the first-ever graduate of the JKA Instructor Training Program, created by Master Gichin Funakoshi and Master Masatoshi Nakayama. After becoming All Japan Kumite and Kata champion and grand champion over several years, he began concentrating on instruction overseas. He eventually formed the All South Karate Federation in 1965 in New Orleans, LA, where many people who were attracted by his Karate skills and personality trained hard everyday. In 2008, he formed the JKA American Federation, affiliated with the JKA World Federation, in order to better serve his members and to connect more closely and directly with the JKA World Federation.

1933 Born inNiigata, Japan
1953 1st Dan, JKA (K. Itoe, Instructor)
1955 Team Captain,Hosei University, Tokyo
1956 Started training in the first JKAInstructor’s course under M. Nakayama
1957 Graduated fromJKA Instructor’s Training course and became JKA certified instructor
1957-1958 Sent by JKA as Instructor to FarEastern University, Manilla, Phillipines
1958-1959 All JapanKumite Champion
1959-1960 All Japan Kata Champion
1959 All JapanGrand Champion
1963 Comes to United States
1965 Forms the AllSouth Karate Federation (US Southern Region, JKA) in New Orleans
1984 Recieves 8th Dan, JKA
1984-1990 WUKO RefereeControll Committe
1986-1995 Chairman, US National FederationTechnical Progress Committe
1988 Instructor,Master’s Kata Clinic, PUKO (New Orleans)
1989 US National Federation,(NGF) Man ofthe Year
1989-1996 JKA TechnicalInstructor Committe (Shihan – Kai)
1990 Black Belt Magazine Instructor of theYear in American Karate
1991-1995 WKF TechnicalCommitte
1993 Instructor, Master’s Kata Clinic,World Cup (WKF), Algeria
1994 Instructor,Master’s Kata Clinic, PUKO (Miami)
1995 September, Resigns From WKF and USAKFTechnical Committe
2005 ElectedPresident Japanese Karate Masters Association of North America (Hokubei Karate-do Shihan-kai)
2008 Named Senior Technical Advisor to theJKA WF HQ, Tokyo, by the JKA Board of Directors
2008 Founding ChiefInstructor of the JKA American Federation (JKA/AF)
2012 Awarded 9th Dan by the JKA HQ, becomes the highest ranked master in the world.